Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 30 - Maligayan Karawaan to ME :)

First of all, WOW that's all I have to say about my package. You really know how to make me feel special even 20,000 miles away... I felt so blessed with all the things you sent me. The skirts and tops, the pictures, the Book of Mormon, the footsies, the CANDY, the letters and cards from you and Grandma and Grandpa, and the laminated quotes. EVERYTHING. Thank you a million times. I hope you know how special that was for me.

My birthday truly was a great day. Even being a little under the weather, I felt so happy all day. (I woke up on Tuesday morning with a nice little sinus infection--plugged up ears and nose.) My box from home, and my companion and house mates made it the best day. I truly felt Loved. Just like every year, but especially this year. I just wanted to tell you thank you for being my family. And thank you for sending me such nice things. I have to admit I got emotional looking at all those wonderful pictures from home. I love them! I have both the banner and pictures up in my room :) As you can tell from the pictures. :) Also, I'm so grateful you sent me that cause I stayed up the night before making myself one hahaha ...... :) So thank you!!!!!!!!

SKYPE stuff: So, I will be coming to the computer shop on Sunday, 1 pm my time. I think that's evening around 7 or 8 pm your time... I really don't remember my skype info.. or yours.. so if you can just send me that ASAP I will check for it on Sunday when we come. I CAN'T WAIT! Oh, How I love my mother!

I wanted to take this time to tell you about a really great experience I had with our investigator. She can't really read, and she's getting older... but let me tell you how I just see in her eyes the desire she has to be a part of this Gospel. She comes EVERY Sunday. In her nicest clothing and shoes. Anyways, we were re-teaching the Word of Wisdom, and she remembered 'SAKIT' --a thing we teach them about what is forbidden to partake of like drugs, alcohol, etc. SHE REMEMBERED ALL OF IT! I just was SO happy. I can't explain the happiness I felt for her. And she remembered even the other part about eating good foods like fruits. It was so wonderful. The reason I wanted to tell you this is I'm learning something about faith. Faith isn't taking a step into the dark, it's taking a step into the light because we can see. I can feel heavenly father giving me little bits of truth everyday which is helping my faith grow. That's how it gets brighter. I've been praying almost every day for my faith to shine in my face. I want to be like Nephi and Lehi in Helamen 5 "whose faces shone exceedingly"-- that's my goal. My challenge to you this week, is to learn about faith in PMG--just read it and learn about it!
The close of a wonderful Birthday!

I love you so much!! I can't wait to skype on Sunday. I'm so grateful to be here. And learning everything I am. I can feel myself changing and fighting satan. It's a hard battle, salvation. But it's a hopeful one :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Maligayan Karawaan to ME :)
Sister Seastrand

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