Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 40

It's still really hot here.... man. I'm still sweating a lot! There were 2 days where we had no water except at night because the water in the lake is so low. I gotta say, it was really hard...but I survived and bought filtered water to take a bath in.... It was GREAT! :) No pond smell! And then we had no electricity which was hard cause it's the middle of the day, when it's the hottest... but we survived.

Thursday this week are transfers at the mission home. Who knows... I might be transferred--or not. I've been here quite some time, but I'm not training a new missionary... I will let you know next week what happens! We find out tomorrow morning. They just call you if you are transferred, but if you don't receive a call, then you're safe for another cycle! Talk about stress/anxiety of a lifetime! I hate that part of transfer week.  :)

This week my heart was so filled with love because.... WILLMAR CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! :) :) He really was so attentive and he had a fellowshipper there to help him too--brother AJ who is awesome and always works with us. YAY! and the best part? He came with his wife who hasn't been to church in 9 years!!!!!! and their little son!!! I was SO SO happy. I love this family so much. If I am transferred, I will miss them a lot.

Sorry... this next experience is jumbled:
Things with Willmar are going well. I especially loved what he said to us after our lesson about how he is using his time. He told us, "I give some time to work, family, and Mormons." haha Cute! He's reading in the Book of Mormon and everything. And when we were planning his lesson (since we hadn't taught him in a week since he was sick), I felt SO strongly to teach about the Holy Ghost which was random because we are still not finished teaching about L3 which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ... anyways, we created a wonderful lesson plan. The spirit made my mind so clear and I felt so much peace knowing that this was the lesson he needed to progress on his journey. I think that he is nervous and is doubting a lot. But I told him "Willmar, have faith. Don't doubt. Believe in Jesus Christ and that what we have taught you is true. Everything we have been teaching you is true and your testimony comes from the Book of Mormon... It's not about what you know and don't know as long as you know that the Book of Mormon is true." He got teary eyed and I could feel it well up inside me, too. I hope he continues on his journey. I have faith he will be baptized in his time because I feel the spirit very strongly every time we teach him. And my face lights up with the spirit and I can't help but smile every time we teach him. I know He is prepared by God. I'm so glad to be a part of his life.

Also, we're trying to help the ward have goals. I came up with something from Preach My Gospel. There's a thing that we have learned here to teach the members "regardless of the outcome in sharing the gospel". Meaning if the friend they share with rejects them, they still need to continue to share it. Filipinos are really nervous of rejection so it's rough to get referrals sometimes. Well the other day I had an idea to teach them "regardless of the situation of the ward" aiming at taking down pride and building unity. This ward has a hard time with having important meetings and things but Sister Dadivas and I are teaching each auxiliary and helping them to set a goal about their respective class. It's awesome. I feel like I am helping the ward and the area. :) I can feel that things will come for this ward in time. Like Bryan said, missionary work as a missionary is IMPOSSIBLE without members working!!! I've learned that SO MUCH here. Man, I will be a better member missionary when I return... I was TERRIBLE! haha. I have learned so much.

I've been having weird dreams a lot lately where I'm home with my name tag on but not a missionary anymore. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to be here wearing this badge. I want to serve God with all my heart and mind and might and strength. Like you said, Dad, about obedience--that is truly the way to be happy in the mission. I'm not perfect at all, but I don't want to regret anything and I want to give it my best every day. I feel that I am teaching and helping the people we need to, and the ward, too. I'm happy and nervous about transfers coming up but I have faith that whatever happens is Heavenly Father's plan for me. I will let you know what happens with that next week!

Anyways.. sorry that this was messy haha... but that was my week! I'm glad everyone is alright. I hope you know I love you all so much. Thank you for letting me have this experience and supporting me! I can't wait to talk to you next week about transfers!! I LOVE YOU!
Sister Seastrand

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