Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 42

Things are moving along with the clean up from the typhoon. Unfortunately, this email will be short because not that much happened. It's been kind of a different/weird week with investigators and such with members being busy cleaning up their houses-- some still don't have electricity. Quite a long after-effect with the typhoon! It's been a slow teaching week because we didn't feel it was that appropriate to teach them, especially since they had no roof (or even a house!), so a lot of missed lessons, but hey! It's all part of the life in the Philippines. We haven't actually done any service because people refuse our help! I definitely think it would be nice to have pictures to remember this experience, but like I said, it just feels wrong to take photos of someone else's sadness. I will just always have the images in my mind.

So guess what? Sister Burt, my MTC companion is my Sister Training Leader now! It's so great :) Also, other big news.... Sister Ricketts is a trainer!!! AH! I'm so happy for her. She's so great :) I love her!

Hey, Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!! Maligayang Kaarawan. :) (Happy birthday in tagalog of course.) So sounds like your week was fun! :) I'm glad cause you deserved it! You're a wonderful person. I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much and am so grateful for your example to me. I always tell you this, but I mean it: You've been a BIG help to me here in the field. You will never know how much your example and emails to me have lifted me in times of need. :) And Jaegar's birthday!! What a cutie. Congratulations on receiving the Priesthood!

I also have to agree with you about our pioneer heritage, and about Grandma Ada and Grandpa Glenn. I know for a fact they are with me because it tells me in my Patriarchal blessing that the ancestors know me! Even though I don't know many of them, I bet these ancestors are with me here to comfort me. I'm grateful to be part of that heritage. It's a legacy that we need to carry on! They were strong, but we can be just like them, and never forget them. :)

So our investigator didn't come to church this week.... We didn't get a chance to teach him :( which is so sad... I wish we could have been able to teach him because I know that he is really wanting to change. I'm just hoping that his girlfriend won't stop him! He is really prepared. I hope he comes to church this week again.  Other than that, we've just been focusing on teaching members. We have some other investigators that aren't progressing, and I'm realizing how badly we need referrals. We've been struggling in that area of our goals. I'm hoping that we can get some this transfer. Sometimes it's really hard for the members to refer their friends. I don't know why because the message is so much more important than what people think!  I just really love Filipino kids. They're SO CUTE. I love speaking tagalog to them. It's fun :)

This week has been a different one with my companion. She's been feeling a little homesick from her last area, which has made things a bit off between us. I've been a little sick (Mom, don't worry :) ) so we haven't worked as much. Just tired and no energy. But I'm getting back up there! I've learned a lot of things about myself. One, I've learned about my weaknesses; and Two, I've learned that it's OK to be honest with yourself about your weaknesses, and to accept and move on from them. I know that none of us are perfect. And I know that Heavenly Father is the only one that can help us with our weaknesses.  I know that I have a lot of changing to do in myself to become better. There's always more to give. And I know that if I do my part, Heavenly Father will help me and make up the difference for my work here. And I'm glad to still be here in this area. I'm not sure why, but hopefully Heavenly Father will help me know why. I sometimes feel that I'm not doing anything to help, but I know that at least I can plant seeds and do my best as I teach, study, and everything, Because I know who I am serving. And that helps me to keep going. All I can say is that I'm doing well and happy to be a missionary.

I love you all!!! Have a great week! :)
Sister Seastrand

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