Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 53

OK FIRST HIGHLIGHT: Conference was awesome. And I really loved the main themes of all the speakers. I feel like the main theme this time was about Accountability. I really personally appreciated Elder Richard G. Scott's talk. It always goes back to the simple things. It's always prayer, temples, scripture study, and following the prophets that gets us through the hard times that come. I'm so grateful that we have living prophets to guide us. 

SO BIGGEST RAIN STORM OF MY LIFE!! We're just doing our thing, trying to find some former investigators 
and out of nowhere like it usually does the rain just pours and pours and pours. We're soaking within 5 seconds, so we just get a trike super fast to the nearest 7/11 and walk in all soaking. It was definitely embarrassing to see all these Filipinos staring at a soaking foreigner missionary. On the plus side, we got some snacks and found a less active from San Pablo. Not even the rain can stop us finding people! (This was the second highlight of the week.)

THIRD HIGHLIGHT: Our investigator, Jen, is doing great. We had a spiritual lesson with her once again. Honestly out of my entire mission I've never felt the spirit stronger than I have when teaching her. It's the best feeling EVER. I think mostly this week, I'm just overall feeling the approval of the Lord. I only feel it when I'm giving my all because He knows how much we can give to Him. I have a stronger testimony of obedience and I know he is making it a strength for me.

FOURTH and FINAL HIGHLIGHT: Sister Rafisura and I are STILL companions. We laugh at least 10 times a day if not more. She makes the work here more fun and delightful. I know that we're building up this Zion here in the church for the people of Candelaria. Here's to another transfer cycle in the beautiful Candelaria. Viva Candelaria!

There's not much to report this week, except I LOVED General Conference. I loved the new language thing. Don't worry we watched it in English. Every talk was my favorite. Maybe for me and my personal life, Richard G. Scott's talk really hit the spot for me. Especially about Prayer. I have gained that personal testimony here in my mission about prayer. It's our tool to use to literally tell Heavenly Father how we feel. Sometimes I don't always open up to Him about my feelings that are deep especially about the work because I don't want to complain or waste His time. But I know that He loves us and it's up to us if we "stay in the old ship zion" haha did you like how I put two phrases together? :)  I also was touched by Elder Ballard's and Elder Anderson's was touching for me. I loved it all! I loved about revelation, especially from Elder Uchtdorf's talk.

I'm doing well. My health is better. It's just part of mortality right? I have one more transfer cycle with Sister Rafi, and then I think she'll be out. It'll be her 6 months in the mission, and in the area! It's been fun and HARD to be follow up trainer. There's been a lot of work that we have put into our area. It was left in shambles- relationships with members, NO investigators in our teaching pool, people not coming to church, people who are potential but not married, etc.

So something that really touched me this week: We went to go to our appointment with an investigator but got punted. So, we went with our WML to a member. She said something I'll never forget. "I love when missionaries come to visit me because it's like Christ is visiting me, too." How often do we leave that impression on people when we visit them in visiting teaching? helping a friend? or sharing the gospel? People should ALWAYS feel like that. Especially members of the ward we are in. I know that we can do that for others when we visit them. So many people need us but we never know. Like President Monson. He always answers people prayers when He serves.

As I reflected with Sister Rafi this week about our work, I felt Heavenly Father's love for me. I know that HE is approving of my efforts. This area has grown so much and what's more for me as a missionary- my companion has grown. It's so fulfilling for me to watch that. I've had a lot of rough times in my mission, but this area has stretched me. My second time being a follow up trainer has taught me a lot about building foundations. Our companions, our areas, the people, the members. I know that as I keep working hard, I will feel the approval from My Heavenly Father Himself. And I want to feel that way again this cycle :) This area is not yet where we want it, but I know it's getting there. We're building up Zion. I only have 3 more cycles left. OH NO! I just need to GO GO GO :)

Sister Seastrand

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