Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 52

A week in the life of Sister Seastrand and Sister Rafisura:
Lots happened. Every week everything happens.  Overall, a pretty great week. Thanks to the spirit, and obedience, I know I'm learning and growing in this gospel of Jesus Christ, His message of eternal happiness.

Sister Rafisura sprained her ANKLE while cleaning last Monday. She's such a great sport.. So tough! We didn't go to work for a couple days, and I think Sister Mangum has had about enough calls from Candelaria 1A to last the rest of her life. That was my first lesson in Charity. Haha I'm so grateful for leaders in my mission, especially the doctors and mission president's wife. What would we do without them!

So let me tell you about our new investigator named Jen, our light and hope in our area right now. Her boyfriend is a less active member, who really is less than excited to talk to the missionaries when we go to their house. We've been praying and friendly-ing it up every time we teach, asking him about everything, making some small talk.  Which he only ever just smiles a bit and walks out. We FINALLY got him to LISTEN. He put a nice shirt on and turned the TV off and everything. Missionary work has a big part in being friendly. I'm a firm believer in getting people's interest in our message by just talking to them like a normal person and making some small talk, even if they don't seem interested at first. Come to find out, he really understands a lot about faith, and Heavenly Father. I'm hoping to continue teaching them since  this is a BIG focus family for Sister and I. PRAY ON

So Sister Rafisura and I found some NEW investigators! YIPEE! We've been going back to our former investigators in our area book and finding some teaching records of those who were taught before that might have potential again. And we found two who were taught before that want to be taught again. I love finding. It's makes me excited everyday to just go out in this big world and somehow, someway, be led to just the people that God wants you to talk to. How does He do it?

So this week in my personal study I've learned about charity. Sometimes we might only think of it as kindness, long-suffering, pure love, and all that important stuff. But sometimes we miss the parts, "is not puffed up, envieth not, seeketh not her own." Basically, I've learned some big lessons on those three things. Sometimes we see others with lands and gold and investigators coming to church, being baptized, etc. and we say to ourselves, "What about me? Why do they get all the success? How come all the members like them? How come God isn't smiling upon me and only them?" These are probably the WORST questions we could ever let come into our minds. BECAUSE First of all, God still loves us and is smiling upon us for other things. Just because He is smiling on them doesn't mean He is trying to frown upon us. Don't be an attention seeker. When we have charity, we "rejoice in the truth" So meaning that we rejoice when others rejoice. We mourn when they mourn. We stand in place of the Savior when they experience life's joys and sadnesses as a missionary. I know that Charity is more than just kindly loving people and being patient with them. It's Rejoicing for them, mourning with them, and standing as a witness of God. It really all goes back to our baptismal covenant. As we keep our covenant(s), we can more fully understand and have true charity in our lives that will make our work as missionaries more full and satisfactory.

I was able to watch the General Women's Meeting which ROCKED. The main theme: Obedience to temple covenants and claiming our eternal exaltation. I know that exact obedience means living the higher law. What IS the higher law? It's simple: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a privilege to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in Candelaria. I love my mission.

I'm feeling better this week. Don't even worry! (But Mom, you can still be motherly :) please and thanks!)  I've regained strength and things are doing alright. Just plugging along in the work that I LOVE! It sounds like Grandma Jan's had quite some rough health issues this week. I hope she feels well soon! Tell her I love her and am thinking of her and Grandpa. Remind her that I sent their letter finally in the mail. I'm so sorry it's been so long!

Conference is coming up!! YAY! We will be in Lucena City which I'm excited for. It will be broadcast in  English and we'll meet at the stake center. It sounds like you had a great time. I can't wait to listen to the talks. I've been spiritually hungry for this time to come. 

Happy Birthday to Grandma Seastrand!! She is such a great woman. I love her so much. 

Anyways, things have been good this week. I can see my obedience and hard work paying off. Heavenly Father knows each sacrifice we put into our lamps to fill them. We've been finding new investigators, trying to build trust with the ward, everything. I know it takes time, but I'm grateful for the things I'm learning this week. I've felt the spirit a lot, and especially as I read the Book of Mormon. I know it is true. I had an investigator this week ask me about my experience in praying about Joseph Smith, which I haven't had anyone ask me my entire mission. It was a reminder to me that we ought to ask God if those things are true, even if we believe it. I LOVED the women's meeting! We were able to watch it during Relief Society on Sunday. WONDERFUL! My eyes were open wider and I understand things better. I loved it. 

Thanks for all your support. I love you all so much! I'm doing fine this week. I have faith in Jesus Christ. I love finding, teaching, everything. The downs are part of mortality. It's the best time of my life. I know if I am faithful and obedient, I will be happy. It's as simple as that. Can't wait to talk about conference with you all :) Have a great week this week!!

xoxo, Sister Seastrand

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