Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 59

Saying goodbye to Sis. Rafi and hello to Sis. Martinez
Bye, Bye Sister Rafi! :( No matter what anyone tells you about getting used to transfer week, they’re wrong. Being almost 16 months in the mission, I STILL can't get over it. The dreaded/ most stressful day in any missionary's life. Transfer Day. I really thought my sweet companion would maybe stay one more cycle in this area with me, but at the last moment, we received "The Call" at 5:25 p.m. She is now making another Sister/ward members happy in the San Pablo area. I miss her SO MUCH but I know our friendship is eternal. On Thursday we get to Divergion where she dropped me off and we parted ways while I stayed at Jollibee waiting for my new companion with the Zone leaders and other missionaries transferring. It was like a movie or something with the rain and me just standing there with a somber look on my face holding my umbrella waving goodbye to my sister and friend. After her first hug, she turned back and gave me another. :( That's all I could think in my mind, "Bye bye Sister Rafi." SO YEAH, Just still kickin it here in Candelaria with my new companion..... drum roll please........Sister Martinez! From Mindinao. She's SO CUTE and I love her already. She's a brand new missionary, only two months in the field. Thanks President, you put a young one with an old one... You'd think I'd have some missionary skills by now, but whaddaya know, 1st day of comp study and my companion's got some sharp teaching skills in the tool shed. Just a little overwhelmed, that's all. 

Jen is currently residing in Candelaria! She didn't go to Sariyaya to stay with her parents. And I can't even tell you how great it felt to see her at Sister Sonya's house Sunday evening. We get to start teaching her again with her new little one, and of course, Noah.
Basically everyone needs to pray for this investigator of ours. Pray that she will listen to the Spirit telling her to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized and confirmed a member of HIS church. I know angels are helping us every day.

This week I'm reading in the Gospels about Jesus Christ and his parables. I'm trying to study it before Christmas. I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And I've been finding Him, just like we find investigators all day, I'm more determined to find my Savior as I read His teachings. I challenge you to find your testimony by reading His life as we prepare for the Christmas season.
all is well, all is well, in the life of a sister missionary in the Philippines.

Sister Seastrand

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