Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 60

OKAY this week was seriously just the BEST.

Crossing the river to get to our appointment
1) We are finding new investigators that have serious potential.
2) We received 5 referrals from members who have agreed to go with us to teach them.
3) Heavenly Father is answering my prayers.

I wish I could explain everything, but it's mostly just the last one. Heavenly Father answers us. We have been praying and working for a long time to find new investigators. We are finding in so many ways this week! This week I’m thankful for members who talk to people as they work. Mostly because this person they talked to came to church, After MANY prayers of wanting to find new investigators who are prepared and ready to receive the gospel, one just shows up to church. Brother Jimel. PLUS this member introduced him to us as the missionaries AND sat by him in Gospel Principles. That is the essence of member missionary work. Things are going so well here in Candelaria. I love it here and I just love missionary work.

Visiting with some members
Just like you, all I can say about this week is WOW! haha. So much good things have happened. I just am so happy and satisfied with working hard and being obedient. I'm so glad that Thanksgiving went well and I agree that next year will be better since I'll be home. :) It was just another day here. (Which I may or may not have forgotten it to be Thanksgiving haha.) It's just the mentality of a missionary, I guess! Every day is the same and I LOVE it.

I'm sorry if this is so scattered, I'm not sure where to start since a lot has happened this week! Mostly, I'm just so happy to be in the service of Heavenly Father. I know He is blessing me. I can FEEL my faith in Christ growing and my desire to serve Him growing. We are working well with members and serving and loving them. I have a testimony of obedience and the Atonement. Heavenly Father loves us so much. I hope all is well this week, and maybe things will calm down before the craziness of Christmas. It's now officially December and I'm looking forward to Christmas/skype time/ being a missionary for Christmas yet again. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than to be a missionary! Thanks so much for your support. I am happy and doing well. :) You're the BEST and I love you all SO MUCH. Have a great week!!!

Sister Seastrand

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