Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 48

Sorry about my email last week, I feel like I didn't share any details with you. I felt so bad all week! SO. Like I said... this area is SO HUGE. Every day we take tricycles everywhere because everyone lives so far away. It's a nice little city. The road to our chapel reminds me of older parts of Provo or Salt Lake City, because they have these beautiful big trees lining the big streets. I'm not so sure how we're going to find everyone that we need to find in this big area! So far, I'm loving it, though. It's wonderful :) It's been really rainy, but the nice thing is that the water is cleaner and it doesn't flood in Quezon :) yay!  That's nice, isn't it? 

The SKATE is the best thing ever.... And they have a little lever on the side in the back so the driver just pushes it to move it forward with the motor. They don't connect to each other, but it's so funny because when one is coming from the other direction they literally TAKE IT OFF of the rails and set it to the side while we come through, hahah! Funny huh? We ride it a lot because we are teaching a lot of people in this barangay called Malabanban Sur.  I love the Skate! I want to ride it all day long :) It's like a little ride at lagoon.

As far as my companion, Sister Rafisura, I love her a lot! She's SO FUNNY [like me :) haha--just kidding]. She's a private person, but she expressed to me how grateful she feels to be learning. She had a rough time this past 3 months, so I'm really excited to be helping her. I can see her confidence growing. When I came to the area, I realized how much work there is to be done here. Right now we're trying to find new investigators through member referrals, because the current investigators are not progressing at all. It's a bit of a stress, but I'm ready and willing to work and find and do all the Lord wants me to do. 

So my house mates are great, too. Sister Martinez (from my batch from the MTC) and Sister Kelleher (from Australia). I love them both so much! And I love being with them. I can feel the unity and love that is so comforting as we all try to do our work.

So, This week: We had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting. I was fasting this week for my mission and for my family. Also to know what some ideas for my after mission life. I really loved the main theme of the meeting which was 'When you understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will be changed forever.' I loved the spirit of the meeting as I sat and pondered on the gospel in my life and how I can improve and change.

We had a LIFE CHANGING mission tour this week in San Pablo with Elder Bowen from the 70. He is AMAZING. His main theme to us as missionaries was "Remembering who you are" and then, "when you know who you are, you will act differently."  He spoke on different topics such as: The Abrahamic Covenant, the baptismal covenant, the house of Israel, and the covenant of the priesthood. Suddenly in that meeting everything just all made sense about each of those covenants and how they are all connected. I loved it so much. I'm a sucker for talking about divine nature. I think that's why I love President Uchtdorf so much- he always reminds us of who we are. ANYWAYS literally I walked out of the church building feeling like a different person. I think that will always be a memorable experience for me. Because when you know who you are, you really do act differently. Something I learned this week: We don't realize how much power God has given to us through Priesthood and Agency. Agency helps us to choose either right or wrong, and learn and become like God. We can use our agency to ASK God for help, or rely on our own wisdom. 

The Ward here is so kind. I've been so grateful for the help of the members. We just need to help them help us to find new investigators.
Overall, things are pretty good. I'm sorry there's not much to report on the success of investigators. We're workin on it!  :) 

I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of the weather that is coming your way... I love the Fall time of year. But I know when I return, we can all enjoy the cold together while I reminisce on the hot weather here! Time is going by fast. I can't believe it's almost time for Conference again... and then we have Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years, ...and then Sister Seastrand is home! Wow... I don't know how to even feel about time anymore.  Mom, I like what you shared with me about the experiences and trials that your RS sister shared as she accepted the Gospel and became a new member... Don't feel like you don't have it as hard as her though. We all have our own trials that are tailored for us. I have a strong testimony of that.  :)  And trust me, just because you were born into the gospel doesn't mean you don't deserve the blessings, it just means that you have an opportunity to lift those to that same level of blessings that we enjoy because of being born of the covenant.  :)

Anyways, all is well here in Candelaria. I love my mission and I love my Savior and Heavenly Father. I know I'm here for a reason. "Gird up your loins fresh courage take, our God will never us forsake and soon we'll have this tale to tell, all is well, all is well."  Read one of my fav scriptures ever in the BOM in Hel 3 verses 33-35. It's about the Nephites in their afflictions and what they did to overcome their trials. Please ponder it . :) I promise you will love it like I do. I love you all. Thanks for everything. Thank you for your testimonies. It strengthens and helps me. Good luck at school and work and let me know about the family and the block! LOVE YOU! Talk to you next week!  :)

Sister Seastrand

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