Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 50

It's been an interesting, trying week. Every week has different experiences to learn from, right?
We have no water. WHY does this always happen to me? hahaha.  :(   SERIOUSLY-- every single area! We had to take a bath in our neighbor’s house. All four of us at 5 in the morning. (The water is extremely freezing here, btw.) I guess the pump is broken in our whole barangay. It's definitely an experience I won't forget. I guess I'm camping for the last 6 months of my mission life! :)

I had the chance to go to Tayabas for Exchanges with my wonderful Sister Training Leader, Sister Reed! I loved it. We start studying, and there's this huge rain and wind that starts coming upon us. We kept studying and had lunch and hoped that the rain would go away... BUT IT GETS WORSE!! It's like a little mini typhoon. We didn't go to work until 4 pm. We called our Zone leaders and other missionaries and they told us there was literally NO storm. Light rain, some wind. That's all. WHAT?!?!? WHY?!?!!?!?!? Anyways. It was a great time to talk about spiritual things and to see how we have both changed and grown in our mission. I learned a lot from her, in spite of the weirdest typhoon meant only for Tayabas.

A member in our ward got married last week... and he asked me if I would sing in their wedding..... Ok so this is actually what happened: Sister Martinez and her companion asked him if there was anything we could to do serve him at their wedding, and he said, "Yeah, could all four of you sing?" and then Sister M said, "Actually, we're not that good. But Sister Seastrand is good! You can ask her." Five seconds later, Sister Rafisura and I come walking down the hall and Ralph yells, "Hey! Sister Seastrand can you sing for us on Saturday?"  
( -_- )  --> my face as I'm contemplating my answer. I'm not one of those that can just whip out a solo or anything, let alone on the spot… It's really true when Pres Uctdorf said in conference that our church is a church of volunteers---sometimes voluntary, and sometimes other people volunteer you-for you. I can now say I have been a victim of that principle of our church. Anyways, all went well. It was wonderful! Despite my nerves. (Nerves mostly because Ralph and Beth know a lot of people. It was no small wedding!)  I sang a mix of Love is Spoken Here and Teach Me to Walk In the Light. It was a good experience to help me share my testimony with so many people in one place. :)

Sister Rafisura and I had an interesting Sunday. NO ONE CAME TO CHURCH. :(   Sad. It gets a little sad/frustrating and stuff when our investigators don't come. I have to say I felt a little bit annoyed and angry even...which hasn't really happened that often in my mission. But we talked about it after and I felt some spark come into my heart that I needed. It was a spark of gratitude. There are a lot of times in our lives when we can humph around at our situation, and times when we can feel angry for things that happen. I learned this week that a grateful heart can help us overcome that anger and to see the BIGGER PICTURE. I know Heavenly Father loves me. He is aware of me and wants to answer my prayers. If we are exactly obedient, we will get exactly what Heavenly Father has in store for us. Every time. Overall, good work this week. We are doing our best but it's time to raise the BAR and rise up to the calling and become chosen servants of God. He loves us so much! I know it's true.

Anyways, that was my week. I can't tell you even how much I love Heavenly Father for what he does for me. I just want you to know that I KNOW Heavenly Father is making a tapestry for us with our plans. He is in the details. It sounds like you all had a great week. It sounds like the funeral was wonderful. I LOVE what you shared with me about Kathleen’s analogy, Mom. It's so very true. In my blessing from the elders the other week, it said I would grow in my desire to do family history work. Maybe that's why I feel the connection with her and felt the loss so deep. Even though she is gone, I feel her. It's so amazing, Mom. Heavenly Father knows our hearts and our righteous desires. I just have to trust Him. Things in our area are great. I am working hard and trying to be obedient.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM & DAD!!!!!!!! I forgot to tell you last week. (Don't worry--I knew it, I just forgot to say it.) :) I love you both so much. What wonderful parents you are and what examples of what a celestial marriage looks like. Thank you for the marriage you have. It's been such an example for me.  And thanks for the advice, Mom. I promise. I'm not worried about ‘life after mission’. I am really enjoying my mission. :) Time is going fast! I am growing and changing, and I love it. I want to serve Heavenly Father the best I can. I'm excited for conference coming up, I definitely have some questions in my mind that I am pondering. I hope to receive revelation through my efforts from my prayers, fasting, and pondering.

I hope you all have a great week at work and school. I hope you know I love and think of you always. And NO the leaves don't change color in the Philippines, unfortunately! :( But take pictures for me if you can. The weather here is fine, but I think the rain is coming soon. I love you all SO MUCH!!!! Talk to you next week. Here are my hugs and kisses :)
Sister Seastrand

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