Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 61 - Typhoon Ruby

Typhoon Ruby was supposed to be stronger and more intense than Yolanda. If you remember, the devastation of Yolanda was so incredibly sad. This week was crazy with the typhoon. Basically we assumed it would be coming on Saturday night until Monday, so I spent two nights not sleeping (mostly because sometimes they come at night and are so intense). It was so stressful! But the AP'S texted us on Friday morning telling us that President Mangum had emailed us preparations for the typhoon. We followed his instructions and were blessed not to be afraid. We spent our day Friday preparing, and taught a few lessons in the evening. You could see the sky preparing for the typhoon at that time.

Sunday was very dark and sketchy, but we still went to church. After church we stayed in our apartment. We weren't allowed to leave our apartment yesterday for P-day. I was surprised because people kept telling us about the typhoon coming and to prepare and then after it hadn't come when we thought it would, they told us that it wasn't coming anymore. But, boy did it come on Monday afternoon. Basically the typhoon was a really slow moving typhoon which usually means a longer amount of time with all the effects of it: strong winds and so much heavy rain. Typhoons are so stressful and unpredictable! Their course can never really be determined. Right now, it's just pretty cloudy and cold. I wore two jackets today during study...That's NEVER happened in my mission! We didn't have to be relocated at all, our apartment is a house so it was pretty strong. There's four of us in the house, 3 Americans and my Filipina comp. We prepared clean water and our 72 hour kits and cell phone and then spent all weekend waiting. It's been a stressful and tiring past weekend waiting out this typhoon. But I know that because my companion and I prepared and followed Pres. Mangum, we weren't afraid.

All is well again. My second 'Super Typhoon.' Thank you so much for the prayers and concern. I know the people are more affected over in Vesayas part of the Philippines (Mindanao) than Luzon (that's us in the San Pablo mission). I was really nervous because of the impact that typhoon Glenda had on us here, but we prepared and all was well. Still alive!  Getting back into the routine is rough but that is the way it is during typhoon season here in the Philippines. :)
I can't hardly believe it's Christmas time again! It's so fast. This week we're trying to focus on Jen and Jomar. They are getting close to getting married and we're just trying to have the Spirit lead and guide them in their decisions in order to help Jen be baptized and confirmed. I can feel this family needs so much help. They all are less active and need hope. Jen is such a blessing because I think the Lord is using her to help them come back into the church. It's so great. I love teaching her and seeing her and seeing the Book of Mormon change her. It's the best feeling! I have faith that the Spirit is helping them to read and pray together. It's really all about family. I've learned that as we've taught the plan of salvation, the restoration, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. IT'S ALL ABOUT FAMILY. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of all of our needs. 
Sister Seastrand

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