Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 62

JEN AND JOMAR CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry I just can't contain it!) Jen and Jomar both came to church with Noah and Joshua, their two cute little guys! I honestly cannot get over it. I almost cried for two reasons:
1) We didn't see them right away at 9 and they missed the Sacrament. I was so disappointed, I just wanted to cry--literally on the verge.
2) Right on the verge of tears of sadness, we see Jomar and Jen on the back of his scooter pulling into the parking lot of the church with the two little rascals---so now I wanted to shed tears of joy.

I nudged my companion and we ran out to greet them. BEST DAY EVER. Just smiling from ear to ear the whole day. THE BEST PART IS they got to see the Primary program! It was the Best. There's something I will never forget about seeing Filipino children sing about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Especially "I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me". (classic Primary song and one of my favs.) Mom, I know you'd have shed a tear to see these cuties sing/speak their parts at the pulpit. I almost did :)

Another week of learning a WHOLE lot. If you'll allow me, here’s a little Story Time about how I'd picture my mission and my conversion:

Chapter One: Called To Serve as a Missionary in the Philippines
Let's go back in time and say Sister Seastrand were to live in the times of the Nephites. Let's say she heard from her next door neighbor that the Promised Messiah were here, and that they saw Him descending from His Father to visit them. She runs to see if it's true, and when it is confirmed, let's say she felt a little shy, standing in the back, trying to peer over other people's heads, shoulder to shoulder with the next guy. Maybe some things like this would be running in her mind: "Maybe He wouldn't even notice me in all of these people." “There's so many other people that need to be healed." "Who am I to go to Him? I can't just push past these people who have waited for Him to come maybe longer than I have."

CAUTION: If you're like me when it comes to reading a book, you usually read the first chapter and the last to see if it's worth reading or not based on what happens in the end. The curiosity is just unbearable, right?! If that's not you, then sorry. Let's go to the last chapter! -->

Chapter Ten:  Sixteen Months as a Missionary for Jesus Christ and His Church in the Philippines
Sister Seastrand's next door neighbor runs to tell her that the promised Messiah has finally come. But her neighbor finds the lights are off, the garage is closed, and the front door has a note that says, "Back in a while. --Sister S."   WHERE COULD SHE BE?! Sister Seastrand is already kneeling before Him, glorifying Him and His presence. She actually went up to Him with confidence ready to greet Him.

I know my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives, and loves me, too. I know that His church is true, and was restored through His prophet, Joseph Smith.

In order to make this book, there is more than just chapter one and chapter ten...mostly because it takes many chapters of different experiences to make a good book...and a good life. Where would you be if this was you? Would you be confident to walk up to Him? Or would you be like me, at first, at the back not feeling able to walk up to Him? Do you know Him? Maybe you'd be the one with the note on your door, already greeting Him. Wherever you may be in your own conversion to Christ, I invite you if you don't yet know Him, learn of Him. It's not too late, and there is no such thing as “by invitation only.” All are invited. And adding missionary work into it, you could be the one to invite your next door neighbor to come and see, too. (Thanks for letting me share my conversion story…hehe. I just really wanted to share it.)

Sister Seastrand

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